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IMPORTANT: Technology Preparation for Kellogg
6/20/2013 5:07 PM

Description: Kellogg Information Systems

Dear Incoming 1Y Class,


Kellogg Information Systems (KIS) wants to ensure you hit the ground running and make the most out of your personal technology experience here at Kellogg.  By successfully completing all steps in this message, you will not be required to attend our Tech Check session on Monday, June 24.


Configure Your Laptop and Phone

Watch Navigating Technology Presentation

Watch Reserving Group Rooms Instructional Videos


Configure Your Laptop and Phone


There are several critical configuration steps that should be completed before you arrive on campus. Go to the KIS Configuration Page for step by step instructions:


Please ensure the following steps have been completed:


·         Connected to the wireless network

·         Installed antivirus software

·         Updated your operating system (OS updates)

·         Your computer has Office installed (2007, 2010 or 2011)

·         Configured your email client for Kellogg email on your laptop and/or mobile device

·         Installed Stata and configured (i.e., updated and Kellogg custom menu)

·         Configured your laptop to print at Kellogg

·         Installed Secunia (Windows only)

·         Created your Dropbox account (using your Kellogg email address)

·         Signed the Technical Support Agreement

·         Recorded your Name, following these instructions



Navigating Technology Presentation


The following presentation on Navigating Technology at Kellogg will provide you with a quick orientation of the technology and computing facilities available to students at Kellogg.  We strongly recommend that you go through this presentation before CIM week starts on Monday June 24th.


Navigating Technology



Reserving Group Rooms


The following instruction videos will benefit you to view before arriving for CIM week. These videos show you how to book Study Group Rooms in the Jacobs Center. It is recommended that you watch this video after you have viewed the Navigating Technology presentation.


Reserving Group Rooms on a Windows machine


Reserving Group Rooms on a Mac OSX machine




Need Help? Call: 847.467.2100 -  Email: -  Visit: Jacobs Center Room 158





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