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REMINDER: Technology Information for Graduating Students
6/26/2013 9:12 AM



From: Kellogg Information Systems
Sent: Wednesday, June 26, 2013 9:11 AM
To: Class 2013 Students
Subject: REMINDER: Technology Information for Graduating Students


Description: Kellogg Information Systems

Dear Class of 2013,


This message contains important technology-related information and what to expect after graduation.

Backup your Data

Graduation marks an important time to backup files stored on your computer. You may wish to back up your data to a second computer, an external hard drive, or through an online service.  Instructions for backing up your data to a USB or external hard drive are available on the KIS Website.


After Graduation

Below is a timeline of what will happen to your NetID account after graduation. Please make sure you have gathered all your information before these services are turned off. KIS will send a final reminder message in October before your NetID account expires starting on November 1, 2013.




What to do

Starting July 1, 2013

KPrint and access to download software expires

Once the Kellogg Registrar marks you as graduated in the system, you will no longer have access to this resource.  It is recommended that you download any software media (Microsoft, Stata, etc.) on e-academy that has been offered to you as a student before your status is changed. 

July 2013

Activate your Alumni Account

You will be contacted by the Alumni Office in July to activate your alumni account and set up a forwarding address for your Kellogg email account.

July 2013

Archive your Kellogg Email

Once you have activated your Alumni Account and set up forwarding, the next step is to archive your Kellogg email.  Instructions for archiving your Exchange email for Outlook 2007/2010, Outlook 2011 or Apple Mail are located on the KIS Website.

July 2013

Access to KelloggGroups will end

You will be able to view alumni clubs and groups on the Kellogg Alumni site.

July 31, 2013

KIS support ends

KIS will provide software technical support up to July 31.

August 2013

Class and section listservs will be disabled

You will have access to the class group on the Kellogg Alumni site.

November 1, 2013

NetID expires

You will no longer have access to any Northwestern (Caesar, Blackboard, etc.) or Kellogg resources (such as Webmail, CMC, etc.) that were accessible via your NetID.  



All our best, and congratulations again on graduating from Kellogg!




Kellogg Information Systems

Kellogg School of Management    |    Northwestern University

Kellogg School of Management, 2001 Sheridan Road, Evanston IL 60201-2001, 847.491.3300