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Computer and Mobile Device Configuration for Kellogg Students 
Audience: Full-Time;Part-Time;EMBA

Operating System: All
Article Number: 552 .53.0

Updated: 3/11/2014 7:58 AM
This page describes how to configure your computer and mobile devices to connect to critical Kellogg and Northwestern resources.

There are critical, important and optional steps to follow when configuring your laptop and mobile devices for Kellogg and Northwestern resources.

This page contains the information on connecting to the Critical Steps
Contact KIS if you need assistance when following any of the steps.

Critical Steps
Please ensure the following:

1. COMPUTER SPECS: The computer you plan to use needs to meet or exceed the
    recommended specifications.

2. ANTI-VIRUS: Your computer has a working anti-virus software installed.

    Download: Windows | Mac

3. OS UPDATES: Your computer is configured for Operating System (OS) updates.

    Instructions: Windows | Mac

4. OFFICE: Your computer has Office installed 

    Windows: Get Microsoft Office 2010
    Mac: Get Microsoft Office 2011 | Get the Windows VM for your Mac

5. EMAIL: You are able to check your Kellogg email and calendar     

    WindowsOutlook 2010 | Outlook 2007
    MacOutlook 2011 | Mac Mail
    Mobile Device Instructions: iOS| Blackberry | Windows Mobile | Android

6. STATA: You have Stata on your computer.

    Download and Install: Windows and Mac

7. PRINT: Your devices are configured to print at Kellogg. 
    If you are not connected to the Northwestern University network (are off  
    campus), be sure to VPN in first to complete the printing set up. 
    See Important and Optional Configuration Steps for VPN instructions. 

    Full-Time Students:  Windows | Mac | Android | iOS
    EMBA Students:  Instructions
    Part-Time Students:  Windows | Mac | Android | iOS

8. WIRELESS:  Configure your devices to connect to Northwestern wireless network (available only when on campus).  

    Computer Instructions: Windows 7 | Windows Vista | Windows XP | Mac
    Mobile Instructions: iOS
| Android | Blackberry | Windows Mobile

9. SIGN AGREEMENT: You sign the Technical Support Agreement

    Link: Read and sign the Technical Support Agreement

10. SOFTWARE UPDATER: You install Secunia Personal Software 
      Inspector, which finds and updates third party applications (Flash, Java,

      Download: Windows only 
      Mac users may install Secunia on their Windows VM.

Proceed to the Important and Optional Configuration Steps.
    This page has instructions to configure IM, DropBox, backup software, virtual
    collaboration software, VPN, Qualtrics (survey software), and think-cell
    (business presentation software).

Contact KIS
Please contact KIS if you have any questions: