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CrashPlan Pro - Managing your Backup Set 
Audience: Faculty;Staff

Operating System: All
Article Number: 729 .4.0

Updated: 6/11/2012 4:29 PM
This article explains how to modify your CrashPlan Pro backup set and settings.


The CrashPlan Pro backup client is configured with the recommended default backup settings. The standard backup set targets user profile only.1 Your backup set and settings can be modified quickly and easily from the client interface to meet your needs.

Managing your Backup

Backup settings can be modified from the Settings module of the CrashPlan Pro client application. The options are explained in detail below.

Files and folders to back up

Modify your backup set by checking and unchecking directories and files. To do this:

  1. Select the Change Selection button from the Backup tab2 in the Settings module.
  2. From the Change File Selection window, make the neccessary modifications to include or exclude files or folders in your backup3:
    • Select the triangle to expand / collapse the view of specific directories to view the contents and review your backup selection.
    • Check and uncheck the appropriate files or folders.
    • Select the Save button.

Adding Backup Exclusions

Backup exclusions are specific file types that are designated to be excluded from the backup set. To review or modify your backup exclusion list:

  1. Select the Settings tab.
  2. Select the Configure button located next to the File patterns to exclude heading.
  3. Enter the file type to be excluded.4
  4. Select the + button.
  5. Repeat steps 3-4 if additional exclusions are necessary.
  6. Select OK to complete the changes when finished.
  7. Select Save.

 Backup Retention

CrashPlan Pro captures real-time backups, called versions. Backup versions are retained indefinitely. However, the quantity of versions retained is based upon the age of the backup. The client default settings for retention can be viewed in the table below. 

Versions to keep from  Version frequency retained

 Last week

 every minute
 Last 90 days  every day
 Last Years  every week
 Previous years  every month
 Remove deleted files  every year

Backup frequency and versioning settings

Backup frequency is set by default to capture a new version every minute.

Note: This setting is preconfigured so that up-to-date backups are captured frequently enough to provide the maximum benefit should file recovery be needed. 

New version backup frequency can be decreased if preferred.

Versioning frequency and settings can customized by doing the following:

  1. Select the Configure button from the Backup tab located next to Backup frequency and versioning heading to review settings.
  2. Change frequency and version settings by sliding the meter to customize as needed.
  3. Select OK to save the changes.

1 Note - This includes all user profile folders within your user profile only. If you require files located outside of your user profile to be captured during backup, you will need to modify your backup set to include those locations and / or files.

2 For quick access, your backup set is accessible and can also be modified by selecting the Change button from the Backup tab. Then, proceed to step 2.

3 Hidden files are not displayed in the Change File Selection window by default. Select Show hidden files to view hidden files and include / exclude hidden files in your backup set.

4 Regular Expressions (regex) information and examples can be found here. Expressions can be used to specify file types within specified folders or indicate all directories.