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Data Backup for Faculty & Staff 
Audience: Faculty;Staff

Operating System: Windows 8/8.1;Windows 7;Windows Vista;Windows XP;Linux;Mac OS X
Article Number: 724 .5.0

Updated: 1/4/2013 12:03 PM
This article provides an overview of Kellogg's faculty and staff data backup service, CrashPlan PRO, and explains how it works.


CrashPlan PRO the cross-platform, real-time backup service intended for faculty and academic staff desktop and laptop computers. Backup data is stored onsite on university servers located in the Northwestern data center.

Users are licensed for a single account that is meant to backup a single, primary computer. 
Northwestern allocates 15 GB per licensed user account.1 KIS is aware that data size varies greatly between users and that there will be some above and below this allocation. There will be no actual limit implemented on your backup client.

The default client backup settings are pre-configured to maximize performance and provide optimal recovery benefits.

What is Backed Up by Default

The default backup set is configured to automatically include all user profile folders within your user profile.2 CrashPlan Pro prioritizes files for backup so that your newest and most recently changed files are backed up first.

Changes or additions to the default backup set can be made at anytime by selecting the Change button located in the Files to Back Up section of the Backup tab for quick access.

See the related article, Managing Your Backup Set for additional information on modifying your backup set and client settings.

What is not Backed Up

By default, the backup set includes only the user profile data from the user account where the client was installed. No other directories are included unless changes to the backup set have been made.

Additionally, the following items have been specified as backup set exclusions:

  • iTunes Music folder contents
  • Disk image standard file types
  • Virtual Machine hard disks3

Access to CrashPlan Pro

Contact the KIS FaStCATS support team for additional information about this service and to request account setup.

CrashPlan Pro accounts use NetID and NetID password for authentication.

Initial Account Synchronization

  1. Launch the CPP Client from Start > All Programs > CrashPlan
  2. Select Use Existing Account.
  3. Enter Username: kellogg\NetID
  4. Enter Password: NetID password
  5. Under Backup Destinations > CrashPlan PRO Server, click Start Backup

CrashPlan PRO System Requirements

Windows Client Software
Windows XP, Vista, 7, Windows 8 in desktop mode, Server 2003/2008/2012 / 1GB Memory / 1GHZ+ CPU / 250MB Drive Space

Linux Client Software
2.6 Series Kernel (2.6.13 or newer) / 1GB Memory / 1GHZ+ CPU / 250MB Drive Space / Oracle (Sun) Java version 1.6+

Mac OS X Client Software
OS X 10.4 (upgrade only), 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, 10.8 / 1GB Memory / G4, G5, or Intel CPU / 250MB Drive Space


Contact the KIS FaSt/CATS for questions, to report issues or for assistance with CrashPlan backups.

1 Note: 15 GB does not reflect the actual data size on your disk. This number is the compressed, stored backup size residing on the server.

2 Important -This includes all user profile folders within your user profile only. If you require files located outside of your user profile to be captured during backup, you will need to modify your backup set to include those locations and / or files.

3 Data within Virtual machines will not be backed up. It is recommended to either mirror data to your local machine or save files outside of the virtual machine. See the related article Backup Virtual Machines fro additional information and methods.