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Shared Mailboxes: Setup 
Audience: Faculty;Staff;Full-Time;Part-Time;EMBA

Operating System: All
Article Number: 378 .7.0

Updated: 8/29/2013 1:39 PM
Learn how to view and send email using a shared Kellogg email account.

Many departments and groups have requested shared mailboxes which two or more individuals can log into simultaneously. You can use these shared mailboxes from within Outlook or the web via WebMail (Outlook Web Access).

Please note: Adding additional mailboxes to your Outlook configuration can add complexity, but more importantly consume resources like memory. Therefore, if you don't need constant access to a shared box, and only check (or send) occasionally, we recommend using WebMail. 

Using Outlook 2007

  1. Click the Tools dropdown menu
  2. Select the Account Settings... menu item
  3. Double click your Exchange account1 or highlight it click
  4. Click the More Settings button
  5. Click on the Advanced tab
  6. Under Mailboxes: Open these additional mailboxes, click the
  7. Add button
  8. Enter the ALIAS2 of the shared mailbox

Using Outlook 2010

  1. Click the File menu
  2. Select the Add Account button
  3. Enter your name, the ALIAS2 of the mailbox, and your NetID password
  4. Select the Next button
  5. Outlook should prompt you to close and restart the application

Using Outlook 2011

  1. Select Tools from the top menu
  2. Select the Account option
  3. Click the “+” sign below the navigation pane on the left
  4. Enter a name for the shared mailbox under description, enter your name and the address for the shared mailbox under Full Name and E-mail Address
  5. Under User Name ensure you enter kellogg\netid
  6. In the Password field type in your NetID password
  7. After a few seconds the dot next to the account on the left side of the window should turn green indicating connection
  8. Click the Advanced button
  9. Under Directory Service in the Server field enter:, check the box for Use SSL to connect, and in the Search Base field enter: dc=northwestern,dc=edu
  10. Click Ok
  11. Close the Account window and you should see the mailbox on the left-hand side of Outlook in your navigation pane

Using Webmail

NOTE: The only supported browsers for Shared Mailboxes in webmail are IE 8 (Windows) and Firefox(Windows and Mac). Safari(Mac) and Chrome(Windows) does not support Shared Mailboxes in webmail.

From webmail (Outlook Web Access), in the upper right corner, click your name.

  1. An input box should appear prompting to Open Other Mailbox
  2. Enter the ALIAS of the shared mailbox

For quick direct access to a shared Exchange mailbox, you can bookmark the direct OWA address:

where xxx is the alias of the shared box

1 If you have added additional email accounts to your configuration, be sure that you are selecting the Kellogg Exchange account with your email address; e.g.,

2 The alias is the xxx in