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Important and Optional Configuration Steps 
Audience: EMBA;Full-Time;Part-Time

Operating System: Windows 8/8.1;Windows 7;Mac OS X;Android;Blackberry;iOS;Mobile Phones
Article Number: 780 .20.0

Updated: 7/25/2013 3:31 PM
This page lists the important and optional configuration steps to follow to connect to Kellogg and Northwestern resources.

This page is lists the important and optional steps to follow when configuring your laptop and mobile devices for Kellogg and Northwestern resources. Please contact KIS if you need assistance when following any of the steps.

Note: The Critical Steps are located here. Please make sure you have completed the critical steps before proceeding to the Important and Optional Steps.

Important Steps

1. IM CLIENT: You Install Microsoft Lync 
    This instant messaging software and virtual collaboration software allows you to
    find your classmates, hold chat, phone or video conversations and even share
    your desktop with one another.

Download: Windows and Mac

2. DROPBOX: You create a Dropbox account
    Dropbox is a service that allows you to upload files to the cloud and share files 
    with colleagues and or view those files from multiple devices (other computer,
    smart phone, etc). Dropbox makes it easy to manage files between multiple
    computers and users. Any files you want to save from a public computer can be
    saved to your Dropbox folder in the cloud.

Note: Signing up with your Kellogg email address on Dropbox makes collaboration with your Kellogg classmates easier.

Instructions: Dropbox Online File Management

3. BACKUP: Personal Backup Solutions
    It is recommended that you use some form of external backup solution to
    protect your data in the event of a computer failure that would prevent you
    from accessing your data when you need it.

Information: Personal Backup Solutions

4. STUDY.NET: Course Pack Distribution
Study.Net will provide users with digital copies of course materials.  Students 
   also have the option to request printed copies from our onsite vendor, 
   Quartet Digital Printing.

          Information: Study.Net Guidelines

Optional Steps

1. VPN: You set up a VPN connection
     VPN allows you to connect to print server and library resources from the
     comfort of your own home.

Computer Instructions: Windows 8 | Windows 7Windows XP | Mac
Mobile Instructions: iOS | Android

2. QUALTRICS: You create a Kellogg Qualtrics Account
    Qualtrics Web Surveys is a hosted survey tool that allows Kellogg faculty, staff, 
    and students to create an unlimited number of surveys and polls.

          Instructions: Create your Kellogg Qualtrics Account

3. THINK-CELL: You install think-cell (business presentation software)
    think-cell is a presentation software that allows you to create PowerPoint
    charts more efficiently directly from Excel data, as well as consistently
    rounder numbers even across complex calculations.

Note: This software only runs in Windows, and can be installed on a Windows VM running on a Mac.

Download: think-cell for Windows

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