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Jacobs Classroom Reservations 
Audience: Full-Time;Staff

Operating System:
Article Number: 819 .11.0

Updated: 2/14/2014 10:43 AM
This page describes the room scheduling system implemented for Jacobs classrooms in Spring 2013.  The system is RES - Northwestern's Room & Event System.

Sign In

  1. Recommended Browsers are Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.
  2. Kellogg students, faculty & staff can login to RES to view Jacobs classrooms here:
  3. Enter your NetID and password.
    Note: There is no sign out feature in RES, simply close your browser to end your session.

How to View Jacobs Classroom Availability

  1. Kellogg students, faculty and staff can view all general Kellogg classrooms in Jacobs, excluding 2245 & seminar rooms, in RES. 
      If you cannot see Jacobs classrooms please contact KIS to be added to
      the correct security group.
    Due to setup constraints Room 2245 is not available in RES.  To request Room 2245 please contact the room coordinator, Mariellen Gibson, in the Dean's office.

  2. Go to Locations.
    Search for 'Jacobs' or use a more descriptive search like 'Jacobs101' or
      'OLC' for specific rooms.
    Optional: Click the star to the left of the room names to add them to your
      favorites so they will show on your home dashboard and in the request
      form for convenience. 
  3. View room availability in Calendar, Availability or List views.
    Note: Even if a room is open on the calendar, there may be requests pending for that space.

Jacobs Classroom Reservation Policies

  1. Classes have priority over events.
     - Rooms are booked only for the current quarter unless the full class schedule & priority school events have been entered for the next quarter and assigned rooms in RES.
     - You may submit requests in advance but they will be held and not confirmed until the classroom assignments are complete. (Recurring events should be submitted with SEPARATE requests for each quarter’s events.)
  2. Allow for 15 minutes free before and after your event.
    All event or maintenance requests must be scheduled with at least 15 MINUTES FREE before and after the event for setup, tear down and getting people in and out of the room. If you request a room back-to-back with another event it will be denied and you will be asked to change the time of your request.
  3. Rooms are assigned based on capacity, timing, event conflicts and order received. 
    Classrooms are scheduled at the discretion of the room coordinators. In general rooms will be assigned on a first come, first served basis but event size and room capacity are also considered when assigning rooms. The room coordinators will do their best to accommodate your first choice but due to event head count, timing, room preparation and other considerations alternate rooms may be assigned.
  4. Wait for email confirmation of your request before announcing the room of your event!
     - Please allow up to 2 business days to process your request.
     - Even if a room appears open on the calendar that doesn’t mean that there are not requests ahead of yours or events on hold waiting for that space.
     - Please do not trade rooms with other groups without contacting the room coordinators.

  5. To request a room you must agree to the terms set in the request form.

How to Submit a Room Request

  1. Sign In to RES with your NetID and password.
  2. Go to Event Creation and Editing
    *WAIT* for the event form to fully load.

  3. Enter all required fields on page 1 including Event Name.
     - Please be as accurate as possible with Event Type and Sponsoring Organization (please use the student cub name for organization where applicable).
     - For recurring events we recommend using the 'Repeats Ad Hoc' choice and selecting each date for the recurring event.
  4. Available rooms for the day/time chosen will show in the locations section on page 2 of the form.
    *Select only ONE room* If you add more than one room to your request the assumption is that you need multiple rooms, not one of a choice of rooms.
  5. Enter any optional event information that the room coordinator might need in 'Event Notes'.
  6. Agree to the Terms of Use and select Finish to submit your request.
    Do not close your browser until you see confirmation that your request was submitted.
  7. You will receive an email notification of approval or denial of your room request within 2 business days.  Your event will not show on the public calendar until the room request is approved.


For questions regarding space availability or room use policy please contact Student Affairs at

To request Jacobs Room 2245, please contact Mariellen Gibson in the Dean's office.

For questions regarding access to RES and the Jacobs classrooms please contact

Study Group rooms are not available in RES, they are available in Outlook.


Is your request saved in a DRAFT state?
Check the date of your request, if your request is more than a year out the system may leave it in a draft state and you will be unable to submit it.  Please cancel the request and start a new request within the next academic year.

Are you unable to save your event request?
Make sure you are using a supported browser (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox) and that pop-ups are not blocked.

Are you unable to see Jacobs classrooms?
1. Make sure you have signed in to RES, your name should appear in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
2. Contact to make sure you are in the Kellogg security group.
3. Clear your browser's cookies and cache in case a RES update has been applied (usually on Tuesday evenings).