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KPrint: Setup for Windows Clients 

Operating System:
Article Number: 846 .2.0

Updated: 9/18/2013 2:11 PM
This article will explain how to connect your Windows laptop to KPrint. The KPrint system is deployed in the Jacobs Center, McManus and Wieboldt Hall. Staff and Faculty desktops require alternate configurations.

Step 1: Install Printers1

Make sure you are connected to the Northwestern University network (on campus) or VPN in (from off campus)

  • Download the file: KPrintWindows
  • Double click the file, and extract it from the .Zip file.
  • Run KPrintWindows.bat
    • A command prompt window will appear. Do not close the command prompt until configuration is done.
    • Select your graduation year (if you are in the Part-Time program, select PTMBA)
    • When you press any key, the Windows Credential Manager will appear.  Click the Edit button.
    • for Username, enter kellogg\<your NetID>
    • For password, enter your NetID password.
    • Click OK
    • Click Close
    • When you press any key, Windows will install two Ricoh printer drivers - one for the Black & White printers, and one for the Color printers.  When prompted, click Install driver.

      (Note: This step might take several minutes to complete, especially if you are using a VPN connection from off campus.)

  • Verify printers are installed and online by opening the Devices and Printers folder.  Two KPrint printers should now appear in your folder:
    • For Class 2013, Class of 2015, MSMS or Part Time MBA: KPrint1A-BW / KPrint1B-Color
    • For Class 2014: KPrint2A-BW / KPrint2B-Color
  • Verify the KPrint BW printer is set as your default printer.
  • Step 2: Uninstalling KelloggConnect (optional)

    Note: Some users may have previously installed Kellogg Connect.  After following the instructions in Step 1, Kellogg Connect will no longer be needed. These steps will describe how to uninstall Kellogg Connect from your computer.

    1. Open the Control Panel.   Select Programs > Uninstall a program.
    2. On the list that appears, scroll down to find Kellogg Connect
    3. Right-click and select uninstall.

    1NOTE: If you are not connected to the Northwestern University network, be sure to VPN in first. Steps 2 and 3 will not work unless you are connected to the Northwestern University network.

    2Note: If you do not see the Printer icon, you will need to switch the view mode:

    Windows Vista: In the left side of the window, select Switch to Classic View.

    Windows 7 and 8: In the upper right corner, click on the View By dropdown menu, and select Small icons.