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KIS Hardware Loaner Service 
Audience: EMBA;Full-Time;Part-Time;MSMS

Operating System: Windows 8/8.1;Windows 7;Windows Vista;Windows XP;Mac OS X;Mobile Phones
Article Number: 592 .13.0

Updated: 7/3/2013 3:56 PM
This article will provide an overview of the Kellogg Information Systems loaner service for all students, including eligibility requirements as well as loaner equipment policy and procedure.

The loaner service is available to Kellogg Full Time MBA, Part Time MBA, Executive MBA and MSMS students to ensure they have a working computer during tests, simulations or when their personal laptop is undergoing a hardware repair.

In this article:

Requesting a Loaner

Loaner equipment may be checked out for hardware repairs, exams, or class simulations if requested by a professor.

Loaners are provided on a first-come, first-served basis and we cannot guarantee that there will be available equipment.

Types of Loaner Equipment Available

  • General Devices
    • Ethernet Cable
    • USB CD/DVD Optical Drive
    • USB Hard Drive
  • PC Devices
    • Full laptop (Windows only)
    • AC Adapter
  • Mac Devices
    • AC Adapter
    • Mini Display Port to VGA Adapter
    • USB to Ethernet Adapter
    • iPhone Charger
    • Super Drive
  • Calculators
    • TI-84 Plus
    • TI-30X IIS

Loaner Eligibility


Required Documentation

Length of Loan

Class /Exam/Meeting w/ Faculty


Full Time MBA and MSMS Students:

If loaned before 3pm needs to be returned by end of day (5pm).

  • If loaned after 3pm needs to be returned by noon on the next business day

Executive MBA students:

  • Return before departing Allen Center or Miami

Part Time MBA students:

Hardware Repair coordinated by KIS


< 3 days after user has been contacted by KIS to pick up machine

Hardware Repair from an External Vendor

Receipt from External Vendor with estimated return date

< 3 business days after machine returns from repair

Lost/Stolen Equipment

Police Report

5 business days or until a purchase receipt is demonstrated (see FAQs below)

Purchasing New Equipment

Purchase receipt with estimate delivery date

< 3 business days after arrival of new machine

What to Expect

  • All users will be required to sign a loaner agreement each time equipment is checked out.
  • Users will receive a reminder message 3 business days before their loaned equipment is due back (except for class/exam loans).
  • On the next business day after the equipment is due, users will be notified that the equipment is now overdue.
  • Five (5) business days from the day the equipment was due, full-time students will receive a third message indicating that their student account will be charged for the full price of the equipment plus a non-refundable $10 processing fee. The fee will be charged 3 business days after that message if the equipment is not returned. EMBA students will be notified by the EMBA office with further notice.


Q.How many pieces of equipment can I have loaned out at any given time?

A. You may have any combination of 1 laptop, 1 AC adapter, and 1 Ethernet cord out. A user may not check out multiple laptops or AC Adapters. If loaner equipment has been lost or stolen, you will need to pay for the equipment in full before any more equipment is loaned out.

Q. What happens if I do not return the loaner before the time specified?

A. You will receive 2 warning messages: 1) the day after the equipment was due, 2) five business days after the equipment was due. If you do not return the equipment within 3 business days of the second warning email, you will be charged for the value of the equipment plus a non-refundable $10 service fee.

Q. Do you grant loan extensions?

A. Yes; however proper documentation must be given. One-day loans for classes and exams will not be extended unless the user can demonstrate that their personal computer fits into one of the other eligibility categories (i.e. is being repaired by an external vendor).

Q. Who do I talk to about lost or stolen loaner equipment?

A. You will need to report stolen loaner equipment to the local police department and provide KIS with a police report and a check written to Northwestern University for cost of the stolen loaner equipment.

Q. What is the cost to replace equipment?

A. The cost for each item is listed below:

PC Laptop Devices
Laptop - $1350
AC Adapter / Universal AC Adapter - $70
Optical Drive - $130 
Hard drive - $180
Battery - $180

Mac Devices
AC Adapter - $80
Mini Display Port to VGA Adapter - $30
USB to Ethernet Adapter - $30
iPhone Charger - $20
Super Drive - $80

TI-84 Plus - $130
TI-30X IIS - $15


Please Note: Students participating in the Kellogg Laptop Program (KLP) will continue to receive the same hardware repair service as agreed upon at time of enrollment into the KLP.

Please Note
: Exchange students do not qualify for the loaner service.