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Recording a Class, Guest Speaker, or Conference 
Audience: Faculty;Staff

Operating System: All
Article Number: 100 .11.0

Updated: 10/14/2010 1:02 PM
Record a class presentation, guest speaker, or conference.


Whether it is to highlight your key class sessions, record guest speakers for later use, or share your class session with students who may not be onsite, KIS can help. KIS can record, post-produce, and distribute video of you classes, up to twice per quarter.

You can choose whether to have the recording manned by a videographer, or simply have a camera setup and left unattended to record your session.

After recording, KIS will make any necessary edits to your video and distribute it with your choice of media including:

  • Post online to a Kellogg website
  • DVD copies you can save and distribute
  • Flash video computer file

IMPORTANT: Pease schedule these recordings at least 5 days in advance.

Rich Media and Custom Recordings

For larger events such as panel discussions, Kellogg Information Systems can tailor the video recording session to fully capture the event. For these events, KIS can provide advanced recording services such as multiple cameras and videographers. Having multiple cameras and a dedicated videographer let you capture the faculty/student discussions and panelist interactions.

In addition, when a computer presentation is integral to your event, KIS can set up advanced recording equipment to capture both the presenter and the laptop presentation simultaneously. It works by using a split window where part of the screen is a video of you presenting, and the other part of the screen displays your slides, in the same order and timing that you use them within your presentation.  This can also be streamed live to Internet participants.

IMPORTANT: Personnel and equipment is very limited for Custom Recordings. Please schedule Custom Recordings at least 3 weeks in advance.

The Video Recording Process


Before recording, KIS will collect information about the presentation to ensure the proper equipment and personnel are available. At this time, you need to complete a Release and Permissions form and submit it to Kellogg's Marketing and Communications department.


Once the Release and Permissions form is approved, KIS will prepare for and record the presentation.


After the initial recording is complete, KIS will perform several post-production steps including basic editing, image stabilization, and color and audio balancing.

Once the video is finalized, you can request the produced movie file (WMA or QuickTime) and/or a DVD copy. KIS will also work with Marketing and Communications to publish your presentation online if desired.