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Student Directory Name Recording Directions 
Audience: Full-Time;Part-Time;EMBA

Operating System: All
Article Number: 412 .8.0

Updated: 4/27/2011 4:58 PM
Directions for Creating or Updating your Name Recording Audio File in the Kellogg Student Directory


Creating or Updating your Name Recording Audio File
You can submit an audio recording of your name pronunciation for your Student Directory web page. The correct pronunciation of your name will then be available to fellow students and faculty. It will also be referenced for announcement at graduation. Please follow these procedures to record and upload your name pronunciation audio file:

Step 1 - Preparing for your audio recording

  • Ensure that you have a computer with a sound card and a microphone (built-in or external).
  • For best quality, try to minimize ambient room noise (e.g. room air conditioning or fans).

Step 2 - Capturing your audio recording

  • Use your computer’s built-in microphone (typical for laptops) or connect an external microphone to your computer.
  • For Vista or Windows 7 computers, you can record with the Sound Recorder and use this method to launch and run the Sound Recorder:
    • Start > All Programs > Accessories > Sound Recorder
    • In the Sound Recorder click on Start Recording.
    • Talk into the microphone 1
    • Click Stop Recording to stop,
    • Click the File name box, type your file name for the recorded sound (e.g. yourNetID.WAV)
    • Then click Save to save the recorded sound file.
  • To test the sound quality of your new file, you can play your recording in any digital media player program that supports playback of your file type.

Note: If you cannot record your name or have a non-Windows computer, please visit the Student Affairs Office in Jacobs 104 on the Evanston campus or contact the Part-Time Office if you are on the Chicago campus. Both locations have a computer setup for audio recording.

Step 3 - Uploading audio recording file

  • First, go to the Student Directory.
  • Click on the link to "Edit Your Information".
  • Click on the tab to "Upload Files".
  • Click on "Select" to upload your audio file.
  • Browse to navigate and select the audio file from your computer.
    • Acceptable audio file formats are .WAV or .MP3 or .WMA
    • Do not upload a file larger than 500 KB. The server will not accept large audio files.
  • Click submit to load your file.
  • An automated message will confirm the receipt of your file: “Thank you for submitting your voice recording audio file”

Note: If there are problems associated with your file, KIS will contact you via email.

1 As you speak, you should see a volume meter in the Recorder window. As long as the meter is showing movement, the audio is likely fine.