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Purchasing Kellogg Lenovo Hardware From CDWG via iBuyNU 
Audience: Faculty;Staff

Operating System: All
Article Number: 538 .5.0

Updated: 2/3/2014 3:21 PM
This article will describe how to purchase Kellogg hardware portfolio computers from CDWG via the iBuyNU system

It is possible to purchase Lenovo desktop and laptop computers via the iBuyNU system (rather than using a non-catalog purchase requisition). To do this:

  1. Navigate to the NUPortal page and click Login.
  2. If redirected to the NU Online Passport page, Login with your NetID and password.
  3. Once at the NU Portal website, in the upper-right, click the Staff tab.
  4. Then click the Purchasing & Payments tab that appears just below the Staff tab.
  5. Under the Buying at Northwestern header, access the iBuyNU system by using the Shopper link (iBuyNU secure site). You will reach the iBuyNU login page.
  6. Login to iBuyNU with your NetID in ALL CAPS and your iBuyNU password. 1
  7. Click on the CDW-G logo:
  8. Scroll down the page for a Links of Interest table (in blue).
  9. Select Kellogg Management Bundles.

The page that you see is the same page that can be reached at; however, on checkout carts will be redirected into the Northwestern purchasing system for payment.

1 Your password to the iBuyNU system is not your NetID password, but the password that you set upon first logging into the system