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Student Directory Overview and Help 
Audience: Faculty;Staff;Full-Time;Part-Time;EMBA

Operating System: All
Article Number: 255 .13.0

Updated: 2/13/2014 5:38 PM
Search for students in the Student Directory, and update your personal directory information.


The Kellogg Student Directory is your home for student photos, name recordings, and demographic data. The directory is available to all Kellogg students, faculty and staff--and contains information for students in all Kellogg programs: Full-Time, Part-Time, and EMBA.

In this article:

Searching the Directory

The directory contains both basic and advanced search methods. With basic search, you can select a program (or all programs) and quickly search by first or last name 1. The advanced search allows you to search by other information, such as home city/state/country, interests, or within a particular section. 2

Updating your Directory Information

The Student Directory allows you to easily update much of your personal demographic information, such as address 3, phone number, home town 3, and your name pronunciation recording. Some information and content is not directly editable and must be updated by a Kellogg or Northwestern staff member (information below).

Name and Contact Information

To change your name:

To change your email address:

Emergency Phone:

It is critical for students to save an emergency phone number in the student directory so that you may receive emergency notifications from the university (i.e., severe weather, cancelled classes).

To update your Emergency Phone number:

  • Log in to the Student Directory
  • Click on the link to “Edit Your Information” (upper right-hand corner)
  • Click on the “Contact Information” tab
  • Under Telephone Numbers, select Home Or Mobile next to Emergency Phone
  • Be sure to hit “Save”

Photo and Name Recording

To update your photograph:

Your digital image is displayed in the Student Directory and in the annual printed photo directory. Many students have their photos taken by a professional photographer during school-sponsored events such as orientation. If you wish to submit a new photograph, please select a link below for instructions for your program:

Full-Time | Part-Time | EMBA

To update your name pronunciation audio recording:

Please refer to these directions on how to record and upload your audio file. Uploaded audio files will be available in the directory on the following day.

Program Information, Work History, and Previous Schools

To change your program, class, section, work history, or previously attended schools, please contact your program registrar:

Full-Time | EMBA | Part-Time

To change your current employment data:

Additional Directory Features

Hiding Personal Information

Some of the directory fields have the word "hide" next to them. Clicking the "hide" checkbox allows you to conceal selected data from all other students. This is provided to ensure desired privacy; please note that Faculty and staff will still see this hidden data. You can also hide your entire record by clicking the "Hide Entire Record" checkbox on the Name tab of the edit screen.

Your Notes/Messages

This multipurpose field may be used to share information, activities, or ideas.  The notes message allows a maximum of 200 characters. Friendly creativity is encouraged.

Sharing an Individual Student Profile

To capture the URL for a particular student, first open the student’s profile record, then right-click on the name bar and create a shortcut or save as a favorite. The URL should be available within the shortcut or favorite and can then be copied as needed.

Common Questions

Text box character limits

Some text box fields for EMBA students (e.g. professional experience, personal interest, three words about me) have maximum character size limits. For a few EMBA students, their open text data actually exceeds the size limits because it was loaded from a legacy system. If a student edits any of their open text fields, they will be prompted to trim their text to fit within the size limit.

Delayed Searches

Searching may, on occasion, take more than a few seconds. This occurs when a search has not been used before, as the directory is designed to accelerate frequent searches. Once a search is conducted, repeated searches should be faster the second time through.

Some Records Contain More Information

In some student records, you will see a lot of information, whereas in others you may only see a few fields. This occurs because information is either missing or hidden.

Support and Enhancements

If you have any questions about the Student Directory, please let us know. Faculty and Staff who manage aspects of the directory are welcome to contact the application development team directly.

1 Entering both a first and last name will not return any results, nor will entering middle or ending parts of a name.

2 To search by section, you must first select a Full-Time Program such as 2YMBA, JDMBA, etc. If you search for all members of a section, please note that all members will be displayed, regardless of which Program is selected.

3 Home address is your current* residence. Hometown is the place where you associate most of your memories. Country of origin is usually synonymous with your birthplace.

International Students (F/J) are required to have a PERMANENT ADDRESS that is non-US, and a HOME ADDRESS that is in the US. If you are an International Student (F/J), please enter a PERMANENT ADDRESS that is non-US, and a HOME ADDRESS that is a US address so that your data will be accepted by the SEVIS System.  Please note that the SEVIS System does not accept a PO Box as a HOME ADDRESS (US address).

 ** For several groups (JDMBA, LLMK,  MDMBA), their Kellogg and NU directory information are separate. So, these students may update both the Kellogg directory and Caesar, but the data does not synchronize.