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Wi-Fi radio periodically turns off on Lenovo tablet running Windows 7 
Audience: Faculty;Staff

Operating System: Windows 7
Article Number: 518 .2.0

Updated: 9/20/2010 4:12 PM
On a Lenovo tablet running Windows 7, the Wi-Fi radio periodically is switched off by software, even though the physical radio switch is still in the ON position.


There is a setting in the IBM utilities on a Lenovo tablet (X61) that tells the system to turn off the Wifi radio after it has been inactive for a few minutes. It seems to be enabled by default. One consequence of this is that the wi-fi radio shuts off at seemingly random times - on bootup, coming out of sleep or hibernate, when passing from one wi-fi access point to another, etc.

To disable this setting, follow the instructions below:


  1. Open the ThinkVantage Poductivity Center software by pressing the blue ThinkVantage button over the keyboard.
  2. Hover over the ThinkVantage Technologies menu option to call out it's sub-menu.
  3. From the sub-menu, select Access Connections. This will open a window showing a list of files.
  4. Double-click Access Connections.exe. This will launch the Access Connections utility.
  5. Select the Tools tab.
  6. Click the Global Settings button. This will open the "Global Settings" window.
  7. On the Network tab of the "Global Settings" window, deselect the box next to "Allow the wireless LAN radio to be turned off when inactive".
  8. Click OK, and close the ThinkVantage software.
  9. Reboot

After this is cleared, wi-fi is still ocassionally slow to start up. However, it seems to be more consistently able to see and connect to wireless access points.